The following is an outline of the Documentation and Tutorials that are planned.

  • Concepts: Entity, Flags, Attributes
  • Setup
  • Input: Keys and Mouse
  • Assets: Loading, Activating, Releasing
  • Attributes and Animation: Paths, Springs, Animations, and Animators
  • Textures, Tiles, and Tile Factories
  • Sprites: Simple, Animated, Layered, Physics, Repeat, Steer
  • Font and Text
  • Audio: Banks, Queues, Effects, Spatial, Streaming
  • Particle Effects: Lifecycle of a Particle, Emitter, Initializer, Volume, Velocity, Influence
  • Spatial Databases: Array, Grid, QuadTrees, R-Tree, Uses and Examples
  • User Interface
  • Artificial Intelligence: Pathfinding, Steering Behaviors, Game Solving, Finite State Machine, Distribution and Probability
  • Input: Controller
  • Networking: Concepts and Examples
  • Graphics: Surface, Shaders, and VertexBuffers
  • Input/Output
  • Utilities: EntityCollection, EntityList, EntityLayers, ExpirableList, Bitset, Capture, Pool, etc.

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